Customize Your Coffee

Take control of your coffee by completely customizing your beans from roast level to grind size. It's time to let your tastebuds do the talking!

World Cuppa North America Coffee 

Step 1: Choose Origin

World Cuppa offers a wide variety of specialty coffees from around the globe. Each bean boasts naturally occurring flavor notes and aromas specific to it's region:

TanzaniaChocolate, cherries and caramel
UgandaChocolate, raisins and green apples
Nicaragua Sweet, citric, caramel and a bright finish with a hint of milk chocolate
Columbia (also available in DECAF) - Sweet, fruity reds, toffee and a bright finish
Brazil Nutty hints of walnut, cocoa, and a mild sweet toffee aftertaste

Step 2: Choose Roast Level

When choosing your roast level, consider the following:

Light Roast - Light body, high acidity, higher caffeine content
Medium Roast - Balanced body and acidity
Dark Roast - Smoky flavor, low acidity, lower caffeine content

Step 3: Choose Grind Size

World Cuppa offers whole bean coffee and many different grind sizes for your convenience. Simply choose your favorite grind level or brewing method and your coffee will be ground to the level that is right for you:

- Whole Bean (No Grind)
- Auto-Drip (Most Common)
- French Press
- Refill K-Cup
- Percolator
- Vacuum Pot
- Turkish 
- Classic Drip 
- Coarse
- Espresso 
- Fine

Once you've completed customizing your coffee your order will be roasted and shipped right to your door. Happy sipping!


Click here to start customizing your coffee!

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