Is artificially flavored coffee bad for you?

Is flavored coffee a healthy choice?

World Cuppa Spill the Beans on Flavored Coffee 


How Flavored Coffee Is Prepared

When artificially-flavored coffee beans are roasted, the flavors that are added need to completely coat and stick to the beans. To achieve this, roasters must use a chemical called Propylene Glycol. This chemical is used in anti-freeze, printing ink, liquid detergents, and even beauty products, according to the CDC.

What makes matters worse is that Propylene Glycol is toxic in large doses so most roasters who use this chemical wear hazmat suits when applying it to their coffee. Without it, workers risk developing dangerous health effects, such as incurable lung cancers. When we think about coffee, Propylene Glycol and hazmat suits usually do not go hand in hand.

Not only is Propylene Glycol unhealthy to ingest, it's bad to breathe in, too. Exposure to the so-called "delicious aromas" of flavored coffee carries an increased risk of respiratory infections. 

The reason behind artificial flavoring? More often than not, these coffees are produced with poor quality coffee. Poor quality coffee beans are extremely bitter so the need to cover-up the true taste is apparent. Who wants to drink bitter, foul-tasting coffee? 

The Good News

There is a way to avoid drinking chemically-flavored coffee without giving up the flavors you so deeply enjoy!

When our single origin specialty coffee beans are freshly roasted, the true taste of it's origin is unleashed. Depending on it's location of growth, coffee beans contain countless natural flavors and aromas varying from fruity to nutty!

Stop settling for chemically flavored coffee and start enjoying a better, healthier cup!

Naturally unique = Naturally delicious. Happy sipping!

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